Our story

We are Supernal - creating heavenly clothes for heavenly people

 Friends since birth, and supernal sisters from different mothers, we’ve been BFFs since 1976. Growing up on the sunny South Wales coast in Mumbles, we went through school together and ended up as students sharing a flat in Brighton in the late 90’s ( many stories there for another time..).

On to 2020, and after working in London for many years and with 3 kids between us, we have put all of our energies into working for ourselves doing something fun, positive and authentically us - and it’s a huge source of joy 💫

We love connecting with a community of like-minded people and creating clothes that bring joy and empowerment to our customers. We create fun and impactful statement clothing for all day - clothes for wellness-oriented living that are multifunctional and translate as we move through our day - from the school run,  morning walk or yoga practice to online meetings and evening lounging. Dressed up or dressed down, we want our clothes to reflect the move towards new ways of working and new ways of living, where the lines are a little less defined and we have more freedom to express ourselves through what we wear. 

Both of us are busy working mums with a passion for wellness, family, entrepreneurship and sisterhood.  And we have over 40 years of combined experience in fashion design and retail, brand marketing and e-commerce. 



 Carrie is also a qualified health coach and believes passionately in plant-powered eating (but also really loves wine and the occasional steak!), is a yoga fanatic and is addicted to the buzz of entrepreneurship. 

Beth is fashion designer by trade, inspired by her passion for art and travel which allows her to spot a trend in her sleep. She has a life long love for both yoga and running, as much for the fitness as the mental health benefits. However, a decent meal out with a good cocktail has also proved to be very effective 😉

For all of our Supernal Sisters out there  - these clothes are for you and we hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoy creating them! 

Beth and Carrie