Mental Health Awareness Week

To mark the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, we caught up with vet extraordinaire, circus performer and mental health awareness advocate, our #SupernalSister, Dr Ebony EscalonaWe asked her these super-7, snappy Qs!


I’m an animal lover who is reconnecting with play and my inner child. When did life get so serious? I am happiest outside in nature, on a paddle board, walking the dogs or with a velvety horse muzzle next to mine. When adulting I help to craft communities that count - supporting charities and healthcare career sectors to connect with and learn from their members. I also work as an equine vet and host events and podcasts too. 

2. What does self-care mean to you?

Building a better relationship with myself, every damn day! Cultivating an awareness to choose my future rather than letting my past impose on it.  If I can gift myself compassion I have more to gift to others. I have tried pouring from an empty cup many times and it just ends in tears. This is a life's work and I have realised there are no shortcuts with it (trust me I have tried!). Sometimes I just have to sit in the rubble and love me for where I am. I am doing my best with what I have and when I know more I will have access to do better for me and the people, pets and planet that I love. 

3.  Do you have a regular self-care practice? 

Daily journaling - we carry so many thoughts, feelings, experiences and unprocessed emotions and it can really help to just get them out onto a page without judgement, fear or it having to make sense or be “perfect”. 

It’s incredible how many times I have had a worry and after 15 mins of just writing about it, I somehow have gained access to an answer or acceptance. 

Reminds me of a quote from one of my coaches Simon Alexander Ong - “In stillness, we begin to understand that we do not find the answer; we are the answer”.  I journal with the Sanctus Community every morning and it is the most positive, supportive and safest place to start your day.

4. The most important thing to remember? 

We are all human, flawed and wonderful in equal measure. No one has all their shit together despite how it looks. Cut yourself some slack. Everything is impermanent, so the bad days will pass (but so will the good so digest them and savour them too!).  

5. Three words that sum up positive mental health for you? 




6. Do you have a favourite mantra, quote, phrase or saying?

"What is for you will not pass you."

7. What's coming up next for you, Dr E?

I am passionate about the world's oceans and if you are interested in supporting our oceans and putting positive pressure on the decision makers I'd love for you to join Ocean Heroes FB group via the fab WWF and Sky Ocean rescue community. Take the quiz here to find out what kind of Ocean Hero you are and join us on the 19th of May for our Networking Pod that I am hosting! See you there!